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The coaching decision that lost the Broncos the game I have never coached football. I played for 13 years (through college) Youth Jake Butt Jersey , but I have never coached. So I will give that as the caveat and say it is always easier to make decisions knowing the outcome. But let me take you back to the coaching decisions that lost the Denver Broncos the game last night. This is my opinion and you are more than welcome to argue with me about it (in fact, please do, since I’m feeling salty this morning). The Denver Broncos got the ball back with 6:27 left in the game, leading by three. The defense had just allowed a six-minute, 20-second, 12-play TD drive to KC. It had already been on the field for 16 out of 23 minutes of game time at that point in the second half. The D was tired. Chris Harris Jr. had already gone to the locker room for an IV of fluids, and the offense needed to step up and AT LEAST gain a couple of first downs to give the defense some rest. The Kansas City Chiefs had to know the Broncos were going to be running in order to burn some clock. So the Broncos coaches had the choice of which running back to use for this series. They could either use 190-pound Phillip Lindsay or 230-pound Royce Freeman. Don’t even bring up Devontae Booker. He was not getting into the game when they NEEDED to run the ball. Up to this point both running backs had been equally effective, but the conventional wisdom says you want your “bruising” RB late in the game, particularly when the opposing defense should be tired (although they had not been on the field much of the second half). The Broncos first play was a hand-off to Lindsay for no gain. To my eye there was a cutback lane that Lindsay was not able to get to as he ran into the KC nose tackle, Xavier Williams. Would Freeman have been able to run through or around the KC nose tackle? I don’t know, probably not, but I am struggling to understand why the coaches chose to use the smaller back in this situation. Up to that point Royce Freeman had carried the ball eight times (he did not touch the ball again in the game) and had only been stopped for less than 4 yards once - and that was in the first quarter (no gain). His other runs resulted in gains of 18, 14 , 11, 10, 6, 4 and 4 yards. When you have a 230-pound monster nice and fresh on the sideline, why don’t you use him? Especially since he has been ridiculously effective when you HAVE used him during the game?Half of the time he touched the ball last game resulted in a first down or a touchdown. Okay, so now it’s 2nd and 10.The Broncos still needing a first down to at least give the Broncos defense some rest. What do they do? Do they run Freeman? Nope, they throw a pass in the flat to Emmanuel Sanders that gains zero yards. Maybe this is a case of the coaching staff out-thinking themselves, or maybe the Chiefs had nine in the box and Musgrave didn’t think the offense could run against a stacked box.But why, in the name of Zeus’ butthole would Keenum throw THAT pass? He could have thrown a nice safe little slant for 5 yards and at least gotten into third and manageable, or the Broncos could have tried to run with Andy Janovich leading the way for Royce Freeman. Maybe Freeman makes some guys miss. Maybe he runs a safety over like he did several times earlier in the game, but the odds of him getting stopped for no gain were pretty slim. I just don’t understand the play call here. Do you?Now it’s 3rd and 10. Clearly a passing situation at this point. Case Keenum gets pressured pretty quickly and scrambles out of bounds for zero yards. The Broncos defense was going to have to go back on the field (again) with little rest after the offense went three and out in the most critical time of the game. Then to add a cherry on top of that $hit-sundae, Marquette King comes in a hits a 35-yard punt at altitude to give the Chiefs the ball at their own 40. That was game over right there.Maybe the 2015 defense would have been able to stop the Chiefs on that final TD drive. Maybe they hold them to a FG. Maybe, if the 2018 Broncos defense hadn’t spent 75% of the half on the field Cheap Chris Harris Jr Jersey , they would have had the gas to make a play on the final drive. Maybe the coaching staff could have come up with a better defensive play call on 2nd and 30 that would not have allowed a 23 yard gain. Maybe the officials could have actually called the delay of game on 3rd and 7 to make it 3rd and 12, but I doubt even that would could have stopped the Chiefs on that drive. The Broncos couldn’t stop them on 3rd and 16 earlier in the 4th quarter where they gained 15+ and then converted on 4th and 1. The fact of the matter is this: When the defense needed the offense to sustain a drive and at least eat some clock. The offense went three and out. I blame that on play choice and player choice entirely on the offensive coaching staff.Broncos 3rd and long: pecked to death by the Ravens Well that worry that you had about the Broncos secondary in 2018 after the first two games, it was correct. So far they have been very bad. They have been almost the antithesis of the No Fly Zone - the Frequent Flyer Zone. In a pass-happy league, we now have a defense that is great at stopping the run and terrible at stopping the pass. Raise your hand if you think that’s a recipe for success in the NFL in 2018. I’ll wait. Right, I didn’t think so. So let’s see how the defense did against the run on first down? Did we get the Ravens off-schedule? Stopping the Run on 1st DownThe Ravens ran the ball 15 times for 59 yards on first down (3.9 ypc). Meaning that their average to go on 2nd down was 6 yards. 2nd and 6 is manageable and means that you can still run on second down, or you can pass. It also makes play-action passing much more effective. Interestingly, when the Ravens did run on 2nd down, we stuffed them. They ran the ball 7 times for 11 yards on 2nd down. Six of those yards came on the 2nd and goal run by Alex Collins before the (blatantly missed holding call at the point of attack) TD run. Overall the Broncos did fairly well at stopping the run this game, limiting Baltimore to 80 yards rushing on 25 carries (you have to take out the kneel-downs) - 3.2 ypc. We currently stand at 11th in terms of stopping the run on 1st down allowing 3.74 ypc. Miami leads the league with 2.94 while Detroit is dead last allowing a stunning 6.81 ypc on first down runs. Overall on run defense we are 3rd in the league allowing 3.47 ypc. Believe it or not, New Orleans is currently leading the league in run defense allowing only 3.35 ypc while Detroit is dead last allowing 5.92 ypc on all running plays so far. Stopping them on 3rd and longWe forced the Ravens into 16 third down situations and almost half of those were thirdand long. They were able to convert on two of the seven. Both drives on which they converted on third and long ended in touchdowns for the Ravens. On the 19-yard catch by Michael Crabtree, Crabtree does a good job of pushing off just enough to get the separation he needs to have space for the catch. Since both he and Bradley Roby were hand-fighting, it was a good no call. Roby is in good position, but he he doesn’t get his head around quickly and the little push-off creates all of the space that Crabtree needs. The other conversion was a good throw but Darian Stewart needed to make a play on the ball on - he was way out of position. Additionally Will Parks lets a lumbering TE get a step on him in coverage. That should not happen. For the season our defense has now allowed conversion on four of 18 3rd and long situations (22.2%) which is 9th in league at this point. I was surprised to find the KC’s defense currently is leading the league in this stat having only allowed conversion on one of 17 3rd and long situations. The Falcons are currently the worst in the league allowing conversion on 34.8% of 3rd and longs. In another interesting twist Youth Justin Simmons Jersey , the Denver offense is leading the league right now at converting on 3rd and long.The Broncos offense has converted on eight of 18 3rd and long situations (44.4%). Contrast that with the 49ers who have only converted one of 19 (5.3%). For comparison, our offense converted a total of 29 third and longs during the 2017 season (24.8% conversion) which was in the bottom half of the league. The 2017 offense also turned the ball over six times on 3rd and long and allowed eight sacks in those situations. While our offense has allowed two sacks on third and long this season, none of the five interceptions have come on third and long plays. Moving forward to the Chiefs The passing success that Patrick Mahomes is currently enjoying is unsustainable mostly because no one has ever had this level of success for an entire season - ever. He currently has 13 TDs and zero interceptions over a three game span. I looked at the top seasons in NFL history in terms of TD:INT ratio and none of those QB had a three game stretch where they threw 13 TDs and zero INTs. Not T*m Brady, not Aaron Rodgers, not Drew Brees, not Peyton Manning. While Mahomes will most definitely regress to the mean, I doubt it happens this week. Our passing defense is not even a shadow of what it once was. Our coverage is poor enough that our pass rushers can’t get to the QB fast enough and our lack of depth (or at least healthy depth) at CB means that we can’t effectively play press-man coverage to give our pass-rushers more time to get to the QB. Joe Woods better have a rabbit in his hat or Monday night will get really ugly, really fast. Now, Joe Flacco (25/40, 277 yards, 1 TD) did not light up our secondary like Derek Carr did but KC’s offense has been much better at exploiting blown coverages so far this season than either of our first three opponents. So the secondary better get this fixed fast or the comments sections at MHR will be flooded with annoying KC trolls for the next few weeks telling how Patrick Mahomes is the greatest QB to ever play the game.

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