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This spring tour came to the beautiful scenery of Tianmu Lake Carton Of Cigarettes. There, I found an exquisite small tea house. This teahouse, surrounded by dense trees and sculpt, is very strange in shape. It is filled with various kinds of tea, and there are small stalls outside, selling small pots of tea. I saw such a small, cute tea pot, I couldn't help but get close to it: the green tea is in a small brown-yellow bowl, the tea is so green, so bright, it looks like the new tea just made. Just looking at it Newport Cigarettes, it��s so tempting. I couldn't help but think of the first time when I was drinking tea. Remember, it was played on a street upstream of the West Lake. My mom and dad strolled along the street and suddenly smelled a refreshing aroma. We followed the aroma, and the source of the aroma was originally a tea shop. A large iron pan was placed at the door of the tea shop. The tea-frying man poured the freshly picked fresh tea into a large iron pan and used the hand to stir the tea. At this time, the tea leaves are like green elves, flying in the iron pot. In a short while, a group of white steam rose from above the iron pot Newport Cigarettes Coupons. After the white steam dissipated, there was a burst of fresh tea aroma. I was deeply intoxicated, as if I was firmly held by an invisible hand, and I could not do it in one step. After asking about the price of tea, it was expensive, so I only bought one cup. I shared it with my father and mother. A handful of tea leaves are placed in a transparent glass, boiling water is slowly poured into the cup, and the green tea slowly spreads out in the water, so the whole cup of tea gradually becomes clear and green, and the water vapor is brought out. Tea leaves are fragrant. I took a sip cautiously, and the seductive scent instantly permeated between the lips and teeth... The cups passed between me and my mom and dad, and we ate it in a small mouth, each mouth full of tea fragrance, every bite With the happiness of our family together. I did not hesitate to buy a small pot of tea, I want to give a surprise to my mom and dad, a surprise comment with happy memories: this article uses flashback techniques, from the tea in front of me to the first tea scene, it is fun, Simple and happy. At the end, the little author abruptly brought the "taste of tea" to everyone, and could not help but imagine the sweetness of the family. It seems to be dull but don't have a taste.
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